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Team Leaders

For administrative and scientific management, NCMRWF is organized into the following divisions as depicted graphically below, ably handled by the respective team leaders as given in the underlying Table.

Table of abreviations and details

SN Group Abr. Group Full Name Team Leader
1. Head/Director Head/Director Dr. V.S. Prasad
2. DAE Data Assimilation & Ensembles Dr. John P George
3. MD Model Development Dr. Saji Mohandas
4. CAI Computer & AI Dr. Preveen Kumar D.
5. HPCI HPC & Infrastructure Dr. B. Athiyaman
6. CBT Capacity Building & Training Dr. Ashish Routray
7. BCWC BIMSTEC Center for Weather & Climate Dr. Raghavendra Ashrit
8. ADMIN Administration Sh. Devendra Parihar
SN Group Abr. Section Name Team Leader
1. DRP Data Reception & Processing Dr. S. Indira Rani
2. DA-1 Data Assimilation -1 (NCUM/NEPS) Dr. Imran Ali Momin
3. DA-2 Data Assmilation-2 (NGFS) Dr. S. Indira Rani
4. MEDA Model Evaluation, Diagnostics & Applications Dr. Anumeha Dube
5. OM Ocean Modelling Dr. D.K. Mohapatra
6. AM Atmospheric Modelling Dr. A. Jayakumar
7. CM Coupled Modelling Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Mishra
8. RSAI Remote Sensing & Artificial Intelligence Dr. M.N. Raghavendra Sreevathsa

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