National Centre For Medium Range Weather Forecasting
Ministry Of Earth Sciences
Government of India
  1. Name of the Scheme: Numerical Modelling of Weather and Climate (NMWC)- Implemented by NCMRWF.
  2. Objective of the Scheme: objectives of the scheme during 2021-2026 are as follows

    1. Improvement of seamless weather and climate prediction system with high reliability over India and neighbouring regions
    2. Development of novel applications based on dynamical model outputs for various sectors (viz. Defence, Energy, Water Resource, Transport, Geo-Hazards etc.)
    3. Establishment, maintenance and enhancement of physical, computational and associated infrastructure for carrying out research and development activities

  3. Name of the scheme: BIMSTEC Centre for Weather and Climate (BCWC) implemented by NCMRWF.
  4. Objective of the Scheme: To conduct training, workshops, capacity building, enhancing the observing system for BIMSTEC (for both process understanding and forecast skill improvement). These activities are essential to meet the regional leadership and cooperation role committed by the Government of India under BIMSTEC Cooperation. BCWC is established at the National Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecast (NCMRWF), Noida.

    1. Deliver products and services in applied scientific research in weather prediction and climate modelling in the BIMSTEC region.
    2. Build capacity in the field of weather and climate through training programs, workshop, conference, scientific personnel exchange in the BIMSTEC region through research fellowships for the scientists.
    3. Enhance observing systems for the BIMSTEC region.

  5. Name of the scheme: National Monsoon Mission (NMM) implemented by IITM, IMD, INCOIS and NCMRWF.
  6. Objective of the Scheme: A mission mode program to improve quality of Monsoon forecasts at

    1. Seasonal scale (entire season – June-September) with lead times of up to 3 months
    2. Extended range (10-30) days
    3. Short (3-5 days) and Medium (5-15 days) ranges

  7. Name of the scheme: High Performance Computing (HPC) implemented by IITM/NCMRWF.
  8. Objective of the Scheme: Setup a multiple petaflops HPC system (at IITM & NCMRWF) to carryout R&D activities on model developments and to provide operational forecasts.

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